What you'll learn during this course

During these course you’ll learn all about the fundamentals of nutrition including:

  1. understanding your body signs to work out where your health is at right now
  2. knowing exactly what healthy eating is
  3. Understanding the true benefits of leading a healthier lifestyle
  4. learning how the digestive system works
  5. learning 12 principles to set you up for success
  6. becoming aware of some interesting facts and misconceptions about things we were taught as children
  7. Understanding macro and micro nutrients

Benefits of this course

  1. Understand the fundamentals of nutrition and how the body works
  2. Have the knowledge to know what to eat, when and how much
  3. Be empowered to take control of your health moving forward

This course includes:

  1. x3 self paced training modules
  2. Downloadable videos, audios, handouts, slides and worksheets
  3. x3 Bonuses valued at $35.00


Plus there are some great bonus e-books to help you further on your journey including:

12 Step Guide to Healthy Eating: showing you 12 easy steps to help you lead a healthier lifestyle

5 Day Reboot Your Body Detox Guide: including an easy to follow guide, 5 day meal plan and recipes to match

Nourished Life Cookbook: packed full of easy to make breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack & drink recipes with easy to find ingredients

About Louise Ellen

About Louise Ellen

Hello! My name is Louise Ellen and I'm a qualified Nutritionist who runs and evening and weekend clinic in Darwin as well as an online clinic for my interstate clients.

I work with individuals who in the past had dieted on and off for years and achieved little results.

It affected their self image, confidence and caused emotional eating not to mention the feeling of restriction and deprivation when on a diet!

But what has worked time and time again is helping them create healthy habits in a way that is simple and easy so they can lose those extra kilos and keep them off for the long term. 

This is why I created Empowered Healthy Habits E-Course, to empower you to create healthy habits in a way that is simple and easy so you can lose those extra kilos and keep them off for the long term. 

You’ll be surprised at how a few simple changes can make a big difference to your health.


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